Instagram Strategies for 2018: Social Media Content Marketing

Instagram Strategy 2018

Article by: Anastasia Dyakovskaya

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, Instagram continues to be a platform with incredible business potential for brands.

While Facebook’s recent changes have made it even harder for companies to appear in the News Feed without investing serious funds, Instagram (which Facebook owns) offers an appealing alternative. With features like Stories, new ad options for brands, and its visual nature, Instagram is a great fit for content marketing.

According to Instagram, more than 80 percent of its 800 million monthly users follow a selection of 25 million registered business accounts; 200 million people visit business profiles every single day. What’s more, the social network’s data shows that “two-thirds of profile visits to businesses come from people who aren’t following that business,” which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to attracting new fans, followers, and, ultimately, customers.

Marketers can incorporate Instagram strategies into their content marketing programs to achieve a range of goals. Here’s where to start:

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