How to Use Real-Time Google Analytics Reports to Drive Live Sales


Article by: Neil Patel

Google Analytics is a tool that can help you find insights into what’s happening with your website.

You can use it to access information about your traffic sources, engagement levels, the overall success of your campaigns, and so much more.

The majority of companies are using data analytics to make decisions for every marketing area of their business, so you’re the odd one out if you’re not.

But if you’ve never used Google Analytics before, the vast number of different reports that are available can be a little overwhelming when you’re just starting out.

Once you’ve set up the tool on your website, what reports should you run first? Where can you find reports that will help you drive sales?

You can find the answer to all of these questions in real-time reports.

Here’s how you can use real-time Google Analytics reports to drive live sales.

To begin, let’s talk about the different types of Google Analytics reports that are available.

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