How to Skyrocket Your Lead Generation With Content Upgrades

Lead generation concept with businessman looking at business chart and diagrams on chalkboard

Article by: Neil Patel

Many businesses struggle with attracting high-quality leads.

Even if you have a large email list, how do you know if your leads are qualified or where they fall in the sales funnel?

A lead-generation form on a landing page can help you collect email addresses. However, more targeted forms of lead generation — such as content upgrades — can help you attract not only more leads, but also win over better-quality prospects.

An email list populated with people who will never buy from you doesn’t have any value at all.

You probably already know that you should target your blog content to specific buyer personas and to prospects at particular parts of the sales funnel.

You might also know that free downloads, such as lead magnets, can help you build your email list.

But what if you combine the two to create a highly targeted, expertly qualified list of leads?

Combining lead generation with content upgrades can save you time, money, and headaches. But how does the process work?

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