How to Measure Your Content Marketing Efforts (& Know If It’s Actually Working) [Infographic]


Article by: Iris Hearn

Contrary to what you might hear, content is still king in the marketing space.

An effective content marketing strategy can increase your website visitors, engage your buyer personas, and help your company build a following around your thought leadership in an industry.

Still, it’s not as easy as posting a few blogs and landing pages.

You need to be strategic and use data to gain that extra edge.

In order to generate the results you’re looking for from content marketing, you need to know how to measure how your strategy performs.

Luckily, Brandpoint created an infographic to help marketers effectively measure and improve their content marketing strategy.

From the first website visit to contacting sales, Brandpoint gives you tips to engage your persona in each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Take a look at some of the key items to look out for as you evaluate your own content marketing strategy:

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