How AI is redefining personalization & the job of the email marketer

AI and Email Marketing

Article by: Ben Davis

Personalisation is a word that marketers use every day with no great degree of thought.

Some may conflate segmentation or product recommendations with personalisation. For others, personalisation means nothing more than ‘[first name] [last name]’ in comms.

However, martech integration and the application of machine learning is now enabling more sophisticated personalisation that truly deserves the name. As this AI tech becomes easier and cheaper for marketers to adopt, marketing roles are slowly being redefined.

All this is easy to observe in the transformation of email service providers into ‘marketing platforms’, ‘personalisation platforms’ and other soubriquets. Though vendor hype may run a pace ahead of what’s happening in the market, the future does seem close.

The idea and reality of personalisation is what I wanted to discuss with Raj Balasundaram, VP Solutions and Strategic Services at Emarsys, a B2C marketing automation platform.

Every marketer has to answer four questions…

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