Google Knowledge Graph: the What, Why, and How


Article by: Olga Mykhoparkin

As the years roll by, it’s getting more and more difficult to cut through the noise and make it to the top of Google’s search results page. It all started with AdWords ads, occupying the sweetest spot of the search results page. These days, it’s not only ads taking the best real estate. Google now aims to instantly respond to your inquiry with their Knowledge Graph.

At times, you no longer even need to open a webpage to get an answer whenever you have a question. Google offers an information box that instantly responds to your search query. This, of course, makes everyone’s lives easier. At the same time, everything comes with a price. As a result of this innovation, a significant number of websites have experienced a traffic drop.

However, you shouldn’t give up just yet. There’s a good chance your business will be able to benefit from Google’s initiative rather than fade into oblivion. Since 2012, Google has gathered knowledge from a variety of sources to present you with an information box related to your search. It is meant to enhance search engine results and provide more value for search engine users.

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