Community Commenting Criterion

We’ve created some basic community rules for commenting on posts.

1. Be cool honey bunny.

Basically, don’t be rude to other commenters, keep it clean, and respect the community. However, if you disagree with the premise of an article, feel free to express it and let the world know why. We encourage all perspectives.

2. Stay on target

Don’t be all up in here posting about random topics that don’t come close to matching the article or thread just to see your name on the site. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

3. No shameless self-promotion

If you want to post a link to your site don’t do it in comments, instead submit the link in our topic submission form. We’ll review the content and selectively post.

4. Don’t be un-original and copy and paste (it’s kind of a do what we say not what we do sort of thing… yes, we’re completely aware that most of our content is not original.)

If you didn’t write it, or haven’t properly cited the article you’re quoting, don’t post it.

5. English only por favor – we love other languages but we don’t speak them (darn public education system!)

We currently only support English-only discussions on Disqus channels. Non-English comments and discussions will be removed.