A Roadmap To Great Content — From Idea To Viral Post


Article by: Martina Stričak

Content creation is a long process. It starts with a creative thought, a note scribbled on a piece of paper or an interesting article you stumbled upon while browsing the Internet?—?and it could end as the latest viral sensation.

Is there a secret formula to great content?

Absolutely not. But, you can definitely make the process go smoother with some tools, tips, and advice, which we tried to gather in this guide and infographic.

After years of experience in both content creation and promotion, you definitely pick up on some things?—?what does and does not work, what could inspire you, which tools can be your secret weapon.

Sometimes all these things work like a charm and sometimes they don’t — content marketing is very dynamic, but the things mentioned in this infographic are more or less universal and should serve as a source of help and inspiration in your content marketing efforts. So, let’s start.

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