10 Surprising Stats You Didn’t Know about Marketing on LinkedIn [Infographic]


Article by: Alex Rynne

If you’re looking for eye-opening stats, this one is a doozy: According to the Consumer Technology Association, more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush. About 3.5 billion own toothbrushes, and 3.7 billion have a phone.

That’s great news for dentists. Not so great for toothpaste manufacturers.

The point is, we are more connected now than ever before. Access to the collected intelligence of the human race is more commonplace than a $2 toothbrush.

If you’re a B2B marketer, your customers are undoubtedly doing research online before they buy. Even if they don’t brush their teeth first. (Yikes.) In fact, we have found the average decision maker reads 10 pieces of content before finalizing their purchase decision.

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